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Chapter 12. Sprucing Up Your Documents w... > Giving Your Characters More Characte... - Pg. 117

Sprucing Up Your Documents with Formatting 117 Giving Your Characters More Character To emphasize key words and phrases, you select from various fonts (also known as typestyles ), sizes, and enhancements. In other words, you can make the letters look big and fancy like in a magazine. So, what's a font? A font is any set of characters that have the same design, such as Courier or Garamond. The font size is measured in points. (Just for reference, there are 72 points in an inch.) An enhancement is any variation that changes the appearance of the font. For example, boldface, italics, underlining, and color all are enhancements; the character's design and size stay the same, but an aspect of the type is changed. Inside Tip Most programs support the right mouse button. Drag over the text or cells you want to format and right-click the selection. If you get a pop-up menu, you're in business. Select the desired formatting option and enter your preferences. To change fonts or typestyles, you select the text you want to change; then open the Format menu