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Chapter 12. Sprucing Up Your Documents w... > Primping Your Paragraphs - Pg. 115

Sprucing Up Your Documents with Formatting 115 Figure 12.2. Use Print Preview to set your margins. Primping Your Paragraphs It's tempting to do most of your paragraph formatting with the two universal formatting keys: the spacebar and the Enter key. Double space? No problem, just press Enter twice at the end of each line. Need to indent a paragraph? Just press the spacebar five times. The trouble with this approach is that it's sloppy, it makes it difficult to adjust text later, and formatting pros will snicker behind your back. Word processors come with special paragraph formatting commands. To format an existing para- graph, click anywhere in the paragraph first; to format several paragraphs, select them (you need only select a portion of each paragraph you wish to format). In most programs, you go to Format, Paragraph, and you get a dialog box that enables you to enter all your preferences: Techno Talk