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Chapter 12. Sprucing Up Your Documents w... > Saving Time with Styles - Pg. 120

Sprucing Up Your Documents with Formatting 120 Inside Tip Your word processor's formatting toolbar should have a drop-down list of styles you can use without having to create your own. For instance, Word's Style list includes styles for Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, and Normal text. You can use these styles to quickly create an outline for a standard report. If you create a document using one of Word's templates, you get additional styles. The biggest advantage of using styles is that you can quickly change the formatting of all the text formatted with a particular style. Suppose (in the preceding example) you decide the chapter title should be larger, say, 36-point type. Because you formatted all your chapter titles with the Chapter Title style, you can edit the style's definition changing the point size from 24 to 36. This changes all the chapter titles that were formatted with the Chapter Title style to 36-point type. The Least You Need to Know · To set the page margins, select File, Page Setup and enter your preferences. · In most programs, you can center a paragraph by clicking anywhere in the paragraph and clicking the