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Chapter 12. Sprucing Up Your Documents w... > Primping Your Paragraphs - Pg. 116

Sprucing Up Your Documents with Formatting 116 A document's format is its appearance as opposed to its content. When formatting a document, you change settings to improve its appearance. Formatting includes changing the margins and line spacing, changing text size and style, adding lines and shading, and numbering the pages. · Line spacing--You can single space, double space, or select a fraction; for example, 1.5 for a line and a half. In addition, you can specify the amount of space between this paragraph and the next one. For example, you can single space the lines within a paragraph and double space between paragraphs. That way, you don't have to press Enter twice to insert a blank line between two paragraphs. · Indents--Normally, you indent the first line of each paragraph five spaces from the left margin. However, you also can indent the right side of a paragraph, or set off a long quote by indenting both sides. In addition, you can create a hanging indent for bulleted or numbered lists. (In a hanging indent, the first line appears without an indent, but all subsequent lines in the paragraph are indented.) Techno Talk