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Chapter 1. Savvy Consumer Guide to Buyin... > Planning for Future Expansion - Pg. 6

Savvy Consumer Guide to Buying a Computer 6 Techno Talk Most ads list not only the amount of RAM but also the type, and you need to know the differences. DRAM stands for dynamic random access memory. Most types of PC memory are a variation of DRAM. SDRAM is synchronous DRAM and is the slowest DRAM within acceptable range. DDR-SDRAM (double data rate SDRAM) is twice as fast as standard SDRAM. RDRAM ( Rambus DRAM) is six times faster than standard SDRAM and is commonly used on video adapters. SLDRAM ( SyncLink DRAM) is currently being developed to compete with RDRAM. Planning for Future Expansion When you're buying a computer for $2,000, the last thing you want to think about is shelling out more money for additional equipment. However, if you don't think about the future now, you won't be able to upgrade your computer later. Check for the following: · Open drive bays--These enable you to add a hard disk, DVD, or backup drive to your computer later. The system unit should have at least two open (unoccupied) drive bays.