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Chapter 1. Savvy Consumer Guide to Buyin... > Shopping on the Internet - Pg. 10

Savvy Consumer Guide to Buying a Computer 10 Inside Tip Many of the companies listed here offer reconditioned computers at greatly reduced prices. If you simply can't afford a top-of-the-line PC, buy a used one. Of course, after drooling all over this chapter, a used PC probably is out of the question. · or 1-888-224-4247. Micron is good at offering its customers the latest technology although their computers cost a little more. · or 1-800-915-3355. Great prices, a wide selection, and excellent customer support. · or 1-800-846-4208. Gateway is one of the most popular online computer stores. · or 1-800-888-0220. Compaq computers have the most innovative case designs on the market. The Least You Need to Know