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Chapter 8. Running and Juggling Programs > Customizing Your Start Menu - Pg. 80

Running and Juggling Programs 80 Inside Tip To quickly open a document you recently created, click the Start button, point to Documents, and click the document's name. The Documents menu stores the names of the 15 most recently opened documents. · Before deleting or editing a file association, write down all of its settings. If you mess up, you'll need the information to restore the file association. Customizing Your Start Menu Occasionally when you install a program it doesn't appear on the Start menu, or the program might appear on the third or fourth submenu down, making it difficult to access. Does that mean you have to live with it? Heck no--change it. First, click the Start button, point to Settings, and click Taskbar or Taskbar and Start Menu. This displays the Taskbar Properties or Taskbar and Start Menu Prop- erties dialog box. Click the Start Menu Programs or the Advanced tab (in Windows Me or more recent versions of Windows). Now, do any of the following to customize your Start menu: