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Chapter 8. Running and Juggling Programs > Juggling Programs with the Taskbar - Pg. 83

Running and Juggling Programs 83 The taskbar also might disappear if you shrink it. In this case, rest the mouse pointer at the edge of the screen where the taskbar usually appears; the mouse pointer turns into a double-headed arrow. Hold down the mouse button, and drag toward the center of the screen. This makes the taskbar bigger so you can see it. The Least You Need to Know · You usually can run a program by choosing it from the Start, Programs menu or one of its submenus. · You can find programs on your hard disk using My Computer. · To place a program in a convenient location, make a shortcut icon for running a program and place it on the Windows desktop. · For ease of use, you can rearrange programs on the Start menu. · You can easily switch from one running program to another using the taskbar.