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Chapter 25. Reaching Out with Chat and I... > Keeping in Touch with Online Pals Us... - Pg. 235

Reaching Out with Chat and Instant Messaging 235 Figure 25.4. Start chatting. Whoa! Some chat rooms have full-time room monitors that you can contact in the event that a chatter is plaguing you, or you're having some other problem with the chat room. Some of these monitors may be automated booting a user out of the chat room if the person types profane or otherwise offensive words, but some rooms have real people, whom you can contact when you run into specific problems or have questions concerning the room. The chat window displays a list of people currently in the chat room. In most cases, you can view information about the person, send the person a private message or a file, or choose to ignore the person. Try right-clicking the person's name to view a context menu with the available options. If that doesn't work, try double-clicking the person's name. In most cases, double-clicking displays a dialog box for sending the person a private message. Keeping in Touch with Online Pals Using Instant Messaging Hanging out with strangers can be interesting, but if you'd like to chat with friends and relatives, spotting them in crowded chat rooms can be a bit difficult. To help you track down individuals on the Internet, you can use an Instant Message program. You simply add the names and tracking information (typically an e-mail address) of each person you might want to contact, and the program lets you know when the person is online. Assuming your friends and relatives run the same program (and are online), a dialog box pops up on your screen indicating that the person is available. You then can start your own private chat with that person.