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Chapter 25. Reaching Out with Chat and I... > Using Special Chat Programs - Pg. 232

Reaching Out with Chat and Instant Messaging 232 Inside Tip You can find more places to chat on the Web at Yahoo!. Search Yahoo! for Web chat, and then select the Web Chat category. You find more than a hundred chat offerings each offering a wide selection of chat rooms. However, the chat applets that some of these chat areas use are not the best. · Spinchat ( has its own chat program that pops up in a separate window. When you arrive at Spinchat's opening page, enter a nickname to use in the chat room, pick the desired room, and start chatting. It's as easy as that. · CleverMedia's CleverChat ( features a Shockwave chat application in which you choose an icon to represent you in the chat room. The chat program is very innovative and cool, but the chat rooms are sparsely populated. Using Special Chat Programs Although Web chat is becoming more popular, you can find more people chatting with specialized chat programs to access IRC (Internet Relay Chat). The following is a list of some of the better chat