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Chapter 25. Reaching Out with Chat and I... > Free Long-Distance Calls with Intern... - Pg. 239

Reaching Out with Chat and Instant Messaging 239 Figure 25.7. Use Net2Phone to place toll free calls from your computer to any phone in the United States. The Least You Need to Know · By connecting to Yahoo! Chat through the Internet, you can start chatting without installing any additional programs. · To find other places to chat on the Web, use your favorite search tool to search for Web chat. · IRC provides access to the largest population of chatters. However, it also can be the most difficult way to chat on the Internet. · Use an instant message program to notify you when your friends and relatives are online and to immediately strike up a conversation with them. · To use AOL Instant Messenger, the two people who want to converse must be connected to the Internet and must have AOL Instant Messenger installed and running on their computers. · Use Net2Phone to place free PC-to-PC or PC-to-phone calls anywhere in the United States.