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Chapter 25. Reaching Out with Chat and I... > Keeping in Touch with Online Pals Us... - Pg. 236

Reaching Out with Chat and Instant Messaging 236 Where do you get such a program? You can pick up America Online's Instant Messenger at, grab a copy of Yahoo!'s Messenger (formerly known as Yahoo! Pager) at messen-, or snatch MSN Messenger Service from Microsoft at If you and your pal have audio connected to your computers, you can even engage in a little voice chat and avoid long-distance charges. The following sections show you how to get started with AOL's Instant Messenger. Downloading and Installing Instant Messenger If you try only one instant messaging program, make sure it's AOL Instant Messenger. This is one of the easiest full-featured instant messaging programs around, and because it is so popular, it's the instant messaging program that your friends and relatives most likely will be using. To download and install AOL Instant Messenger, connect to AOL's home page at and click the AOL Instant Messenger link. Scroll down the page and click the Get It Now link. Complete the registration form and click Continue. Follow the onscreen instructions to download and install Instant Messen- ger. Running AOL Instant Messenger If you want people to be able to track you down, you must be connected to the Internet and Instant Messenger must be running. (You're not going to get any phone calls if your phone isn't plugged in.) Your name then will show up on the buddy list of anyone who added you to his or her buddy list. Your "buddy" will then know that you're online and ready to receive messages. To run AOL Instant Messenger, double-click the AOL Instant Messenger (SM) shortcut on the desktop. Enter the screen name and password you entered when you registered for Instant Mes- senger. Click Save Password to have Instant Messenger remember your login information. Click