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Chapter 25. Reaching Out with Chat and I... > Chatting on the Web - Pg. 231

Reaching Out with Chat and Instant Messaging 231 · In the lower-left corner of the window is a list of tools. Click a tool to change to a different chat room, find out who's online, create your own room (public or private), edit your identity, get help, or exit. (You can edit your identity to provide additional information about yourself. Other chatters then see this information if they check your profile.) Figure 25.1. Yahoo! Chat brings chat to the Web. Other Web Chat Areas Although Yahoo! is on the cutting edge of Web chat, there are some other Web chat services that you can try out. Most of these services offer access through Java, an ActiveX control, or a plug-in. The following list provides an overview of some of these chat areas along with a page address showing where to go for additional information: · MSN Chat ( is a little flashier than Yahoo! Chat and features some very well- populated chat rooms. When you connect to MSN Chat, you will be prompted to download and install the chat add-on. Click Yes to get the software and proceed to the chat rooms. · Web Net ( is similar to Yahoo! Chat in that it uses a Java applet for its chat interface, but it's not quite as sleek and graphic as Yahoo!. If you run out of people to chat with at Yahoo! or you want to dabble in the world of IRC chat without having to download and install an IRC program, check out one of Web Net's many rooms. · Talk City ( is a virtual community where anyone can hang out and chat in a wide variety of rooms. · Lycos ( is a Web search site (like Yahoo!) that also features its own chat rooms. After opening the Lycos home page, click the Chat link to register and roam the Lycos chat circuit.