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Chapter 25. Reaching Out with Chat and I... > Chatting on the Web - Pg. 230

Reaching Out with Chat and Instant Messaging 230 Chatting It Up at Yahoo! Yahoo! has always been considered a premier Internet search site. Now, Yahoo! has injected its power and simplicity into Internet chat. All you need to access Yahoo! Chat is a Web browser that supports Java or ActiveX (most Web browsers do). To sign up for Yahoo! Chat, use your browser to pull up Yahoo!'s Chat Page at, and then click the Sign Up for Yahoo! Chat! link. Onscreen instructions walk you through the process of registering and entering a chat room. Once you're registered, you can chat at any time by going to and entering your member name and password. After you are in a chat room you can start chatting, as shown in Figure 25.1. The ongoing discussion is displayed in the large frame in the upper left. To send a message to the other chatters, click the Chat text box just below the ongoing discussion, type your message, and press Enter. When you tire of this simple banter, try the following: · Click the Emotions button and double-click an emotion (bow, agree, smile, or some other ges- ture) to send a text description of it. Techno Talk