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Chapter 14. Printing and Faxing Your Cre... > Faxing Your Documents - Pg. 138

Printing and Faxing Your Creations 138 If you ever need to stop, cancel, or resume printing, you must access the queue. Whenever you print a document in Windows, a picture of a printer appears next to the time in the taskbar. Double- click the printer icon to view the print queue, as shown in Figure 14.4. You then can perform the following steps to stop or resume printing: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. To pause all printing, open the Printer menu and select Pause Printing. To pause the printing of one or more documents, Ctrl+click each document in the queue, open the Document menu, and select Pause Printing. To resume printing, open the Printer or Document menu and click Pause Printing. To cancel all print jobs, open the Printer menu and select Purge Print Jobs. To cancel individual print jobs, Ctrl+click each print job you want to cancel, open the Docu- ment menu, and select Cancel Printing. To move a document in the print queue, drag it up or down.