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Chapter 14. Printing and Faxing Your Cre... > Sending Documents to the Printer - Pg. 135

Printing and Faxing Your Creations 135 · Chopped text--Many printers have a nonprinting region near the margins. If you set your margins so that the text falls in these areas, the text will be chopped off (not printed). · Strange page breaks--If you want a paragraph or picture to appear on one page and it appears on the next or previous page, you might need to insert a page break manually. · Overall appearance--Make sure your fonts look good next to one another, that text is aligned properly, and that no pictures are lying on top of text. Figure 14.2. Print Preview can reveal many problems you should correct before printing. · Does your printer have enough paper?If your printer runs out of paper, usually it will prompt you to load paper and then continue printing. However, sometimes this pause in the printing operation can cause problems. · Is the printer's On Line light lit?When the online light is on, the printer has paper, is turned on, and is ready to print. If the printer is offline, Windows displays a message telling you so. You usually can put the printer back online by filling the printer with paper and then pressing the online button or its equivalent. Sending Documents to the Printer Once your printer is installed and online, printing is a snap. Although the procedure for printing might vary, the following steps work in most Windows programs. If you just want to print one copy of your document, using the default settings click the Print button on the toolbar. If you need to customize a bit, follow these steps: