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Chapter 14. Printing and Faxing Your Creations > Preprint Checklist - Pg. 134

Printing and Faxing Your Creations 1. 2. 3. 4. 134 Select the port into which you plugged your printer. This usually is LPT1 or USB. Click the Next button. You now are asked to type a name for the printer. (Optional) Type a name for the printer. If you want to use this printer as the default printer, click Yes; then click the Next button. Windows asks if you want to print a test page. Make sure your printer is on and has paper, click Yes, and click the Finish button. If you don't have a disk for the printer, a dialog box might appear telling you to insert the Windows CD. If prompted to insert the Windows CD, insert the CD into your computer's CD-ROM drive and click OK. Windows copies the specified printer driver and prints a test page to make sure the printer is working properly.