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Chapter 14. Printing and Faxing Your Cre... > Faxing Your Documents - Pg. 139

Printing and Faxing Your Creations 139 · Scanner--To fax a paper document by fax modem, you need a device that can pull the image from the document and digitize it so your computer can use it. A scanner is just the tool you need. If you only want to receive faxes and fax documents you typed on your computer, you can skip the scanner. Inside Tip If you're in the market for a printer, get a multifunction printer and skip the fax modem, software, and scanner. Most multifunction printers can print, copy, scan, and fax. Some of these multifunction printers even have their own built-in fax modems, so you can use them just as you use a standard fax machine. Other multifunction devices use the computer's fax modem and special software to transmit faxes. Faxing from Your Applications You just finished typing a letter of praise to the service department at your local car dealership. You could print it and then run it down to the local print shop and have it faxed, but wouldn't it be cool if you could fax it as easily as you can print it? If you have a fax modem and your word processing application supports fax modems, you can fax your document right from the application. First open the document you want to fax in the program you used to type it. Open the program's File menu and look for a Send Fax or Send To command (the Fax command might be hiding on a submenu). For example, in Microsoft Word, you choose File, Send To, Fax Recipient. Use the resulting dialog box, or series of dialog boxes to enter the recipient's name and fax number, choose a cover page, and initiate the fax operation. Word displays a series of dialog boxes, called the Fax Wizard, that lead you through the process (see Figure 14.5).