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Chapter 4. Playing Disk Jockey with Hard... > Disk Drives: Easy As A-B-C - Pg. 34

Playing Disk Jockey with Hard Disks, Floppy Disks, CDs, and DVDs 34 Techno Talk A disk is a circular piece of plastic that's covered with microscopic magnetic particles. (A floppy disk is circular on the inside but is covered with a hard plastic case, so you never really see the disk part.) A disk drive inside the computer can "read" the charges of the magnetic particles on the disk and convert them to electrical charges that are stored in the computer's memory. The drive also can write information from memory (RAM) to the disk the same way a cassette recorder can record sounds on a tape. Discs (spelled with a c) are CDs or DVDs that store data using microscopic pits. The disc drive bounces laser light off the pits to read the stored data. Disk Drives: Easy As A-B-C Most computers have three disk drives, as shown in Figure 4.1. Your computer refers to the drives as A, C, and D. If you're wondering what happened to B, it's used only if the computer has a second floppy disk drive.