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Chapter 13. Picture This (Working with G... > The Painted Word: Text As Graphics - Pg. 130

Picture This (Working with Graphics) 130 Techno Talk Draw programs often are called object-oriented graphics programs because they treat objects as individual units rather than as a collection of pixels. To change an object's size or dimensions, move the mouse pointer over one of the handles and hold down the mouse button (this is commonly called grabbing a handle). Drag the handle toward the center of the object to make it smaller; drag the handle away from the center to make it larger. (You might need to hold down the Shift key while dragging a handle to ensure that the object's relative dimensions remain the same; otherwise, you might turn a tall skyscraper into a short, squat hut.) The Painted Word: Text As Graphics Although paint and draw programs are not designed to handle huge blocks of text, they do let you add labels and draw arrows to point out important areas of an illustration. Paint programs handle