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Chapter 13. Picture This (Working with G... > Drawing Lines, Circles, and Other Sh... - Pg. 129

Picture This (Working with Graphics) 129 Techno Talk Your computer screen is essentially a canvas made up of hundreds of thousands of tiny lights called pixels. Whenever you type a character in a word processing program or draw a line with a paint or draw program, you activate a series of these pixels so that they form a recognizable shape onscreen. Don't stop till you've tried out the paint can. Draw a closed shape on the screen (circle, square, whatever), and then click the paint can, click a color, and click anywhere inside the shape. I would tell you what to expect, but that would ruin the surprise. You can do much more in Paint, including adding text to your drawing, editing individual pixels (dots) on the screen, and using the color eraser to replace one color with another. Flip through the menus, and play around with the Zoom tool and other options. Drawing Lines, Circles, and Other Shapes