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Chapter 13. Picture This (Working with G... > Painting Your Own Picture - Pg. 128

Picture This (Working with Graphics) 128 · Builds--This animation effect adds items to the slide while the audience looks on. For example, instead of displaying an entire bulleted list at once, a build would add one bullet at a time while you're giving your presentation. All presentation programs are not alike. For information on how to work with a specific program, check your software documentation or pick up a book that's devoted to your presentation program. Painting Your Own Picture Remember the old Lite Brite toy? It consisted of a box with a light bulb in it, a pegboard, and a bunch of colored, translucent pegs. You stuck the pegs in the board in various patterns to create pictures. The light inside the box beamed through the holes in the pegboard, illuminating the lights. The same principle applies to paint programs. You turn on a bunch of onscreen dots to create a picture. Windows comes with a paint program, called Paint, which you can find on the Start, Programs, Accessories menu. Run Paint to display the screen like the one shown in Figure 13.4.