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Chapter 13. Picture This (Working with G... > Scanning Photos, Drawings, and Illus... - Pg. 126

Picture This (Working with Graphics) 126 Techno Talk You can scan text documents as black-and-white images to file printed documents, such as contracts and bills, electronically. To edit the text on a scanned document, you first must convert the document to a text file using OCR (optical character recognition) software, which may or may not be included with your scanner. The OCR software converts the scanned text, which is in a bitmap format (each character made up of tiny dots) into text that you can edit in your word processor. The conversion is rarely completely accurate, so make sure you proofread the text carefully. Watch the File Size! When you first start playing with your scanner, the inclination is to crank up the resolution and color settings for the best possible scan. Don't. You'll end up packing your hard drive with 10-100MB files that are too good. Table 13.1 lists various resolutions and file sizes to help you gauge your scans. Table 13.1. Increasing Resolution Increases File Size Image size Color depth Resolution File size