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Chapter 13. Picture This (Working with G... > Scanning Photos, Drawings, and Illus... - Pg. 125

Picture This (Working with Graphics) 125 Most scanners on the market are flatbed scanners. You lay the picture face down on the scanner's glass, and then run the scan program by pressing a button on the scanner or selecting the program from the Start, Programs menu. Another popular type of scanner is the sheet fed . With a sheet fed scanner, you load the original into a slot on the scanner, and the scanner pulls the original past its scanning mechanism to create the copy. The following steps run you through a typical scanning operation using a flatbed scanner: 1. 2. 3. Position the original image face down on the glass as specified in the scanner's documentation. Press the button (on the scanner) to initiate the scanning program or click the scan program's name on the Windows desktop or the Start, Programs menu. If necessary, select the command to start the scanning operation. This typically calls up a dialog box, like the one shown in Figure 13.3, that allows you to enter color settings, specify the res- olution, and mark the area you want to scan.