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Chapter 24. Passing Notes in Newsgroups > Starting Your Own Discussions - Pg. 228

Passing Notes in Newsgroups 228 Starting Your Own Discussions Newsgroups are great for expressing your own ideas and insights, having your questions answered by experts, and finding items that might not be readily available in the mass market (for example, books that are no longer in publication, parts for your '57 Chevy, and so on). When you need help or you just feel the overwhelming urge to express yourself, you can start your own discussion by posting a message. Posting a message is fairly easy: First you connect to the newsgroup in which you want the message posted. Click the New Message button (or select the command for posting the new message). Your newsreader automatically addresses the message to the current newsgroup, as shown in Figure 24.4. (You also can add newsgroup addresses to post the message in other newsgroups.) Type a brief but descriptive title for your message, type the contents of your message, and click the Post button. Your message is posted in the newsgroup, where anyone can read it. It might take awhile for people to reply, so check back every couple days for responses. (Sometimes nobody responds, so don't expect too much.)