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Chapter 24. Passing Notes in Newsgroups > Reading and Responding to Posted Mess... - Pg. 226

Passing Notes in Newsgroups 226 Reading and Responding to Posted Messages Although the names of newsgroups can provide hours of entertainment by themselves, you didn't connect to a news server just to chuckle at the weirdoes (well, maybe you did). You connected to read what people have to say and to post your own messages. If you used Outlook Express to read e-mail messages in the previous chapter, you find that the steps for reading newsgroup postings are similar: 1. 2. 3. Click the plus sign next to your news server's name to display a list of subscribed newsgroups. Click or double-click the name of the desired newsgroup. Descriptions of posted messages appear. Click a description to display the message contents in the message pane, as shown in Figure 24.3, or double-click the message to display it in its own window.