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Chapter 24. Passing Notes in Newsgroups > Setting Up Your Newsreader - Pg. 223

Passing Notes in Newsgroups 223 Setting Up Your Newsreader The best way to access newsgroups is to use a specialized program called a newsreader, whose sole purpose is to connect to newsgroups and display messages. This chapter focuses on Outlook Express, the e-mail/newsreader program included with Internet Explorer. If you are using a different newsreader, some of the options described in this chapter might differ. To access newsgroups, you must set up your newsreader to connect to your service provider's news server. This consists of entering the news server's address (for instance, The first time you run your newsreader it should lead you through the process of setting up a news server account. You can check your settings or create a new account in Outlook Express by per- forming the following steps: 1. Open the Tools menu and select Accounts. The Internet Accounts dialog box appears. Techno Talk If you've ever heard the term USENET bandied about and were curious, it's the formal name of the network used to exchange messages in newsgroups. USENET is short for user's network . 2. 3. 4. 5. Click the News tab. Assuming you have not set up a newsgroup account, the News list should be blank. Click the Add button and click News. The Internet Connection Wizard appears prompting you to type your name. Type your name as you want it to appear in messages that you post to newsgroups, and then click Next. Type your e-mail address and click Next. Sometimes, instead of or in addition to posting a reply in a newsgroup, a person will reply to your post through e-mail. Inside Tip If you don't know your news server's address, stick "news" at the beginning of your service provider's domain name. For example, if your service provider's domain name is, the news server address likely would be 6. Type your news server's address, as shown in Figure 24.1.