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Chapter 26. Online Security Issues > Preventing Viruses from Entering Your Syst... - Pg. 242

Online Security Issues 242 · In Netscape Navigator, look at the lower-right corner of the window for a lock icon. An open lock on a dark background indicates that the site is not secure. A closed lock on a bright background indicates the site is secure. Whoa! A savvy criminal can steal your credit card number more easily by rummaging through your trash or looking over your shoulder when you're in the checkout lane than by lifting it from a secure form on the Web. Use common sense. Place credit card orders only at well-established sites that you trust. Just because a site has a Visa or Mastercard icon on it doesn't mean the site is legitimate. If you have any concerns, ask your friends for references, research the company online, and check with your local consumer protection agency or the Better Business Bureau. Preventing Viruses from Entering Your System Picking up a virus on the Internet is like coming home from vacation and finding that someone has