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Chapter 26. Online Security Issues > Censoring Naughty Net Sites - Pg. 248

Online Security Issues 248 The Least You Need to Know · To determine whether a form you are filling out is secure, make sure its address starts with https:// and check your Web browser's status bar for a locked padlock icon. · To protect your system and files against computer viruses, download files only from reliable sites; don't run program files attached to e-mail messages from unknown users and scan any files you receive with a good antivirus program before running or opening them. · To control the frequency of security warnings in Internet Explorer, configure the security zones. · If you use Internet Explorer, you can censor Web content by enabling the Content Advisor. However, when you choose to block access to unrated sites, your Web browsing is extremely limited. · The best way to censor Internet content without completely blocking access to wholesome sites is to use an add-on program, such as CyberPatrol or CYBERsitter.