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Chapter 26. Online Security Issues > Censoring Naughty Net Sites - Pg. 247

Online Security Issues 247 To relax the ratings, you can change the settings. Open the View or Tools menu, click Internet Options, and click the Content tab. Click Settings, enter your password, and enter your preferences. Now, don't set the kiddies in front of the screen just yet. Test your setup first. Try going to If you see some scantily clad maidens, Ratings isn't on. Close Internet Explorer, run it again, and then try going to the nudie page. You should see the Content Advisor dialog box, as shown in Figure 26.4, indicating that the site is not rated or displaying a list of reasons you have been denied access to this site (as if you didn't know). Click OK. Figure 26.4. The Content Advisor blocks access to sites that might contain objectionable material and to unrated sites. Censoring the Web in Navigator Netscape Navigator does not have any built-in features to censor the Internet. However, several specialized programs are available that can work along with Navigator to block access to objec- tionable Web pages and Internet newsgroups. The following is a list of some of the better censoring programs along with addresses for the Web pages where you can find out more about them and download shareware versions: · Cyber Patrol ( most popular censoring program. It enables you to set security levels, prevent Internet access during certain hours, and prevent access to specific sites. Passwords enable you to set access levels for different users. · CYBERsitter ( fine censoring program. Although a little less strict than Cyber Patrol, CYBERsitter is easier to use and configure. CYBERsitter has a unique filtering system that judges words in context, so it won't block access to inoffensive sites, such as the Anne Sexton home page. · Net Nanny ( is unique in that it can punish the user for typing URLs of offensive sites or for typing any word on the no-no list. If a user types a prohibited word or URL, Net Nanny can shut down the application and record the offense forcing your student or child to come up with an excuse. However, to make the most of Net Nanny, you'll have to spend a bit of time configuring it.