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Chapter 29. Now for the Fun Stuff! Compu... > Editing Your Home Videos - Pg. 281

Now for the Fun Stuff! Computer Gadgets and Gizmos · MusicMatch ( · MP3Search ( 281 Copying MP3 Clips to a Portable MP3 Player Building a huge music library on your computer is cool, but a computer is a bit too bulky to replace your Walkman. How do you take your music collection, or at least a portion of it, on the road? The easiest way is to purchase a portable MP3 player. Portable MP3 players typically come equipped with 32­128 megabytes of RAM, enough to store 4­8 hours of music clips. Portable MP3 players include a serial, parallel, or USB cable connection that plugs into your com- puter. Players typically come with their own software for copying files between your computer and the player, but Windows Media Player can handle the job: 1. Connect your portable MP3 player to your computer as instructed in the portable MP3 player's documentation. (If you connect the device using a USB cable, you need not turn off your com- puter to make the connection; otherwise, you might need to shut down the computer.) Run the Windows Media Player by selecting Start, Programs, Windows Media Player or Start, Programs, Accessories, Entertainment, Windows Media Player. Click the Media Library button. Click the CD or playlist that contains the clips you want to transfer to your portable MP3 player. Click the Portable Device button. Media Player displays two windows. The window on the left displays a list of audio clips in the selected CD or playlist, and the window on the right displays the names of any audio clips already stored on your portable MP3 player. In the window on the left, be sure there is a check mark next to each audio clip you want to 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.