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Chapter 29. Now for the Fun Stuff! Compu... > I Want My MP3: Digitizing Your Music... - Pg. 278

Now for the Fun Stuff! Computer Gadgets and Gizmos 278 If you're in a big hurry and need one-hour processing (or faster), take your digital camera to a professional photo shop. Most photo shops have special printers that can transfer your digital photos into high-quality prints in a matter of minutes. I Want My MP3: Digitizing Your Music Collection In Chapter 4, "Playing Disk Jockey with Hard Disks, Floppy Disks, CDs, and DVDs," you learned how to play audio CDs through your computer's CD-ROM drive, sound card, and speakers. This makes your computer little more than an overpriced audio CD player. To take full advantage of your computer's superior audio capabilities, record your favorite audio clips to your computer's hard drive. This provides you with a virtual jukebox, which you can program to play only the songs you want to hear in the order in which you want to hear them. Inside Tip To check out another popular virtual jukebox, go to and click the link for downloading RealJukebox. The basic, free version enables you to record audio clips from CDs to your hard drive and create custom playlists. With the Plus! version ($29.99), you can record your playlist to a CD--assuming, of course,