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Chapter 29. Now for the Fun Stuff! Compu... > Smile! You're on Digital Camera - Pg. 275

Now for the Fun Stuff! Computer Gadgets and Gizmos 275 From the main menu, you can take a quick tour of the Kodak Picture CD software and learn how to modify and print photos, create greeting cards, e-mail your photos, or even use a photo as your Windows background. Whoa! The Kodak Picture CD installation routine might indicate that Windows needs to be set up to use small fonts. Right-click the Windows desktop, click Properties, click the Settings tab, and click the Advanced button. On the General tab, open the Font size list and click Small Fonts. You might need to restart Windows. After you install the Kodak Picture CD software for the first time, you can run the program at any time by selecting it from the Start, Programs, Kodak Picture CD menu. To view a full-screen slide show of your photos, click View Your Pictures on the Contents Page (the main menu). The Kodak Picture CD flips one by one through the entire roll. After familiarizing yourself with the basic functions, you can move on to using the Kodak Picture CD software to create a photo album, enhance and print photos, and attach digitized photos to outgoing e-mail messages. Inside Tip What about those boxes of old photos stashed in the attic? How do you transfer those to your computer? Get a scanner. With a high-quality scanner and the accompanying software, you can pull photos and other images off prints and store them on your hard drive. With a photo management program, such as FlipAlbum, you can create virtual photo albums, index your photos, and flip the pages onscreen. To pick up a free 30-day dem- onstration copy of PhotoRecall, go to Smile! You're on Digital Camera After you have experimented with digital imaging via a photo CD, you might consider trading in your old camera for a new digital camera. With a digital camera you take your photos and then copy them directly from the camera to your PC using a serial or USB cable connection. Most digital cameras come with the software you need to copy the photos to your PC and organize, enhance, and print your photos. Some software packages even offer tools for e-mailing your photos and creating fancy photo albums.