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Chapter 29. Now for the Fun Stuff! Compu... > More Cool Stuff in the Works - Pg. 287

Now for the Fun Stuff! Computer Gadgets and Gizmos 287 · .Net (pronounced "dot-net")--This new Internet technology, spearheaded by Microsoft, prom- ises to integrate the end user's computer more fully with the Internet. With .Net, you'll be able to rent software on the Internet and pay for only those components you use. In addition, .Net gives users greater flexibility in accessing any data they store on the Internet and provides additional support for voice and handwriting recognition. The Least You Need to Know · The least expensive way to get started with digital photography is to have your next roll of film processed on a CD. · To save money on film and developing, invest in a good digital camera. · With Windows Media Player, you can rip audio tracks off your favorite music CDs and create custom playlists. · To carry your custom playlists around with you, transfer them to an MP3 player or use a CD burner to write them on CDs. · If you have an analog camcorder, you can use a video capture device to transfer videos to your computer and edit them to create custom videos. · To watch TV on your PC, you must install a TV tuner card; you then can use WebTV for Windows to flip channels. · Keep abreast of the exciting new technologies on the horizon to make your computing experience easier and more satisfying.