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Chapter 29. Now for the Fun Stuff! Compu... > Watching TV on Your PC - Pg. 285

Now for the Fun Stuff! Computer Gadgets and Gizmos 285 Installing the video card is pretty easy, but if you've never installed a circuit board, obtain help from a friend or colleague who has experience. Carefully read and follow the installation instructions and safety precautions. The procedure typically consists of opening the system unit case, removing an expansion board cover from the back of the computer (one screw), and plugging the expansion board into an open expansion slot. The card should come with a cable that connects the audio output jack on the TV tuner card to the audio input jack on your sound card. Make the other cable con- nections as instructed in the installation guide. Tuning In with Windows Although your TV tuner probably came with its own program for flipping stations, Windows 98 and Windows Me include WebTV, an excellent program for flipping channels and controlling the TV window. WebTV also enables you to download programming information from the Web, placing a TV guide right on your screen, where you'll never misplace it. WebTV is not installed during a typical Windows installation. To install WebTV, refer to "Installing and Uninstalling Windows Components" in Chapter 6, "Windows Tips, Tricks, and Traps," and click the check mark next to WebTV for Windows. After Web TV is installed, click the Launch WebTV icon in the Quick Launch toolbar to run it. WebTV runs through some standard introductory screens to welcome you to WebTV and explain some of its features. At the end of the introduction, WebTV prompts you to scan for channels. Click the Scan button. Web TV flips through the available stations and adds the numbers of any stations that provide signals of sufficient strength. Inside Tip