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Chapter 18. Networking (for Those Corpor... > Checking Out the Network Neighborhoo... - Pg. 169

Networking (for Those Corporate Types) 4. 169 5. 6. The Share Name text box automatically displays the drive's letter or the folder's name as it will appear to users who access your computer. You can type a different entry in this text box if desired. (Optional) Type any additional information in the Comment text box. Under Access Type, choose the desired share option: Read-Only (to enable people to look at files on the disk or folder but not change them), Full (to authorize people to open and save files to the disk or folder), or Depends on Password (to use a different password for read-only or full access). Inside Tip To provide access to a disk or folder without prompting the person for a password, leave the Password text boxes blank. This saves time on a small network on which you fully trust the other users. 7. Under Passwords, type the password that people must enter to access the drive or folder. (If you chose Depends on Password in the previous step, enter a different password for read-only and full access.) Click OK.