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Chapter 18. Networking (for Those Corpor... > Logging On and Logging Off - Pg. 167

Networking (for Those Corporate Types) 167 Figure 18.2. On a peer-to-peer network, each computer acts both as a client and a server. Logging On and Logging Off To connect your computer to the network, you must log on with your username and password. This identifies you on the network and Windows establishes the connection between your computer and the other computers on the network, so you can access shared files and resources. If the network has an administrator, the administrator assigns the username and password. If you are on a small network, you and the other people on the network can discuss the usernames and passwords you want to use. The procedure for logging on is easy: 1. 2. When you start your computer, Windows displays the Enter Network Password dialog box with your name in the User Name text box. Type your password and click OK. Techno Talk An intranet is simply a network that is set up to look and act like the Internet, which you learn more about in Chapter 21, "Doing the Internet Shuffle." Corporations commonly set up their networks as intranets to make them easier to manage and use. Unlike the Internet, which encourages public access, most intranets are for internal use only.