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Chapter 18. Networking (for Those Corpor... > Client-Server Versus Peer-to-Peer Ne... - Pg. 165

Networking (for Those Corporate Types) 165 Do I Need a Network? When you think of networks, you usually think of large corporations. However, networks are popping up in churches, small businesses, home offices, and anywhere else two or more computers live. Why? Because when people have two or more computers, they find they need an easy way to exchange data among those computers and share expensive hardware. For example, say you work out of your home and you have two kids, each of whom has his or her own computer. Without a network, you need three of everything: three modems, three color printers, and so on. With a network you can buy a top-of-the-line printer and the best modem on the market, connect the devices to any one of the computers on the network, and all of you can share those devices. In addition, you can quickly send each other messages and use a central calendar to keep everyone up to date. Of course, you have to shell out some money for the network cards and cables to connect the computers, but you still save money in the long run. Inside Tip I have networked the three computers in my home twice in the last five years. The first time, I bought the