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Chapter 10. Making, Saving, and Naming D... > Opening Saved Files - Pg. 102

Making, Saving, and Naming Documents 102 Opening Saved Files Saved files are essentially stapled to the disk. They stay there, waiting to be called into action. The quickest way to open a document is to double-click the document's icon in My Computer, Windows Explorer, or on the desktop. Windows launches the program used to create the document and the program opens the document automatically. If the program is already running, you can use the standard File, Open command to open a docu- ment. The specific procedure might differ depending on the program. However, the following steps provide a general guide for opening files in a Windows program: 1. Run the program you used to create the file. Inside Tip Windows programs commonly add the names of the most recently opened files to the bottom of the program's File menu. To open one of these files, open the File menu and click the file's name.