Making, Saving, and Naming Documents 101 Notable Note Look at the back of a 31/ 2 " disk (the side opposite the label), and hold it so that the metal cover is at the bottom. If you can see through a hole in the upper-left corner of the disk, the disk is write-protected. Slide the tab down to cover the hole and remove the write-protection. Disk full--The file you're trying to save is too big for the free space that's available on the disk. Save the file to a different disk or delete some files from the disk you're using. Error writing to device--You tried to save the file to a drive that does not exist or to a floppy drive that has no disk in it. Make sure you typed the correct drive letter. If saving to a floppy disk, make sure there is a formatted disk in the drive and that the disk is not write-protected. Closing Up Shop When you're done with a file, close it. This takes it out of your computer's memory (RAM) making