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Chapter 10. Making, Saving, and Naming D... > What D'Ya Mean, Can't Save File?! - Pg. 100

Making, Saving, and Naming Documents 100 File Name Rules and Regulations Windows 95 ushered in the era of long filenames. You now can give your files just about any name you can dream up: everything from LETTER.DOC to "Who came up with these numbers!" So, how long is long? 255 characters, including spaces, but not including any of the following taboo char- acters: \ / : * ? " < > or |. If you need to share a file with someone who is still running DOS or Windows 3.1, the rules are much more strict: · A filename consists of a base name (up to eight characters) and an optional extension (up to three characters); for example, CHAPTER9.DOC. · The base name and extension must be separated by a period. · You cannot use any of the following characters: " . / \ [ ] : * < > | + ;, ? space (You can use the period to separate the base name and extension, but nowhere else.) · Although you cannot use spaces, you can be tricky and use the underline character (_) to rep- resent a space. Inside Tip