Making, Saving, and Naming Documents 94 Techno Talk A field is a fill-in-the-blank area on a database form. You type entries into the fields to create a record . Records make up the database . Think of a record as a single card in a Rolodex. · In desktop publishing, graphics, and presentation programs, you must draw a text box before you can type anything. To draw a text box, click the text box button and then use the mouse to drag a text box onto your work area. Once an insertion point appears in the text box, you can start typing. Easing the Transition Moving from a typewriter to a keyboard can be a traumatic experience. I've known several people who developed nervous tics during the transition. To prevent you from going stark raving mad during your transitional phase, I'll give you some sage advice: · In a word processing application, press Enter only to end a paragraph. The program automati-