Making, Saving, and Naming Documents 93 Inside Tip Some programs come with a bunch of templates --starter documents that are already laid out for you. For example, spreadsheet programs usually come with a budget spreadsheet, and word processing programs come with templates for business letters and memos. You start with the template and then customize the document for your own use. To view templates in most programs, open the File menu and click New. All Programs Differ To type in a word processing program, you pretty much just do it. You type as you normally would, pressing the Enter key at the end of each paragraph. In other programs, typing is a little more complicated: · In a spreadsheet, you tab to or click inside the cell , a rectangle formed by the intersection of a column and row (see Figure 10.1). When you type, your entry appears on an input line near the top of the spreadsheet and might appear in the cell itself. Type your entry and press Enter.