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Chapter 10. Making, Saving, and Naming D... > Tracking Down Lost Files in Windows - Pg. 104

Making, Saving, and Naming Documents · Press Ctrl+S to save a document in most programs. · Give your documents brief, descriptive names, and don't worry about typing a filename extension; most programs add the extension for you. · To open a file in most programs, press Ctrl+O or open the File menu and click Open. 104 · Most programs store a list of the last three or four documents you worked on at the bottom of the File menu. · If you misplace a file, check the Start, Documents menu or use the Windows Start, Find, Files and Fold- ers (or Start, Search, For Files or Folders) command to search for it. · Before shutting down your computer, save any open documents (press Ctrl+S) and then exit the program (by choosing File, Exit or clicking the program's Close [X] button.)