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Chapter 28. Life on the Run: Notebook Co... > Going Full Featured with a Docking S... - Pg. 268

Life on the Run: Notebook Computing 268 After you install the necessary drivers, you have a driver for each device on your notebook and each device connected to the docking station. These drivers might conflict, and Windows chooses which one it wants to use. To solve this problem, create two separate hardware profiles to deal with the docked and undocked configurations. You then can disable devices in each profile. Take the following steps to create a new hardware profile and disable devices: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Right-click My Computer and click Properties. Click the Hardware Profiles tab. If your notebook is plug-and-play compatible, you should see two options--Docked and Undocked. In this case, click OK and skip the remaining steps. If you see only one option, Original Configuration, click it and click the Copy button. Type Docked as the name of your new configuration and click OK. The Docked configuration is selected, so you can disable notebook devices when the notebook is docked. Click the Device Manager tab. Click the plus sign next to one of the notebook devices that you want to disable when the notebook is docked. Double-click the name of the device that you want to disable. Click Disable in This Hardware Profile and click OK, as shown in Figure 28.2.