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Chapter 2. Kick-Starting Your Computer > First Encounters of the Windows Kind - Pg. 21

Kick-Starting Your Computer 1. 21 2. 3. Press the button on the monitor or flip its switch to turn it on. Computer manufacturers recom- mend that you turn on the monitor first. This allows you to see the startup messages and pre- vents the monitor's power surge from passing through the system unit's components. The monitor will remain blank until you turn on the system unit. (On many newer PCs, the monitor turns on automatically when you turn on the system unit.) Turn on the printer if the printer has a power button or switch (many new printers have no power switch). Make sure the online light is lit (not blinking). If the light is blinking, make sure the printer has paper and then press the online button (if the printer has an online button). If you have speakers or other devices connected to your computer, turn them on. Inside Tip As I was writing this book, Microsoft was busy working on a new version of Windows: Windows XP. (XP is short for Experience. ) With Windows XP, Microsoft is combining the reliability of Windows 2000 with the multimedia and home-based features of Windows Me. 4. Make sure your floppy disk drive and CD-ROM drive are empty. If either drive has a diskette