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Chapter 2. Kick-Starting Your Computer > Some Assembly Required - Pg. 19

Kick-Starting Your Computer 19 Figure 2.6. You can connect an internal modem to the phone line and to a standard phone. An external modem requires three connections: to a phone jack (on the wall), to the serial port (on the back of the computer), and to a power supply. The phone jack connections are identical to those used for an internal modem. Once you've connected the phone lines, plug the modem's serial cable into the COM or serial port on the back of your computer. Connecting Additional Peripherals Your PC might have come with additional devices, such as a joystick or scanner, that you must connect to the system unit. To connect these accessories (peripheral devices), you follow the same steps you followed for connecting other devices: Match the plug to the outlet, plug in the device, and secure it to the system with the screws on the plug. Whoa! If you have a cable modem, don't try to plug it into a phone jack. A cable modem connects to your cable company's network using the same type of cable used for connecting your VCR or TV to cable service. You must also connect the cable modem to your computer's Ethernet (network) card using a special Ethernet cable.