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Chapter 2. Kick-Starting Your Computer > Some Assembly Required - Pg. 17

Kick-Starting Your Computer 17 · Two speakers and a subwoofer--A subwoofer is a speaker that increases the low-end bass output, which provides more realistic sounds for games, audio CD, and any DVD movies you play on your PC. Keep the subwoofer low to the ground and a couple feet from the monitor and any disks. In most configurations, you plug the subwoofer into the audio out jack on the back of the computer and then connect the main speaker to the subwoofer. Connect the secondary speaker to the main speaker and plug the microphone into the microphone in jack, as explained previously. · Speakers on the monitor--If your monitor contains built-in speakers, the speaker connections might be built into the monitor cable, in which case you needn't connect the speakers separately. In other configurations, the speaker cables are separate or the main speaker cable splits off from the monitor cable; in either case, plug the main speaker cable into the audio out jack on the back of the computer. Notable Note To play sounds from an internal CD-ROM or DVD drive through your sound card, you needn't make any additional connections. A small cable inside the system unit connects the drive directly to the sound card. You