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Chapter 2. Kick-Starting Your Computer > Some Assembly Required - Pg. 16

Kick-Starting Your Computer 16 · Wireless--Most wireless mice come with an infrared or RF (radio frequency) receiver that plugs into a PS/2 mouse or serial port. Plug the receiver into the port. If you have an infrared mouse, position the infrared receiver so that you can point your mouse directly at it. For best results, you should position the mouse 1­5 feet from the receiver. · Keyboard/mouse combination--On some systems the mouse is attached to the keyboard, in which case you simply plug the keyboard into the PS/2 keyboard port or USB port. Wiring Your Sound System Nearly all new PCs have built-in audio support and come equipped with speakers and a microphone for inputting and outputting audio signals. The procedure for connecting the speakers and micro- phone is more similar to setting up a stereo system than it is to connecting other PC accessories. However, because of recent advances in PC audio technology, the procedures vary depending on the system. Follow one of these procedures depending on your system's configuration: · Standard two-speaker setup--On most systems you connect only one of your two speakers to the computer. You plug the other speaker into a jack on the first speaker, as shown in Figure 2.4. If you have a microphone, plug it into the microphone in jack (commonly labeled mic ).