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Chapter 2. Kick-Starting Your Computer > Some Assembly Required - Pg. 12

Kick-Starting Your Computer 12 · Set all boxes on the floor in the room the computer will call "home" so nothing will fall and break. · Don't cut into boxes with a knife. You might scratch something or hack through a cable. · If your computer was delivered to you on a cold day, let it warm up to room temperature. Any condensation that forms inside the computer needs to dissipate before you turn on the power. · Clear all drinks from the work area. · Don't force anything. Plugs should slide easily into outlets. If you have to force something, the pins probably are not aligned with the holes. · Pick a location next to a phone jack and a grounded outlet. If you're in an old house and you're not sure if the outlet is grounded, go to the hardware store and buy an outlet tester. · Don't plug the computer into an outlet that's on the same circuit as an energy hog, such as a clothes dryer or air conditioner. Power fluctuations can hurt your computer and destroy files. · Place your computer in an environment that is clean, dry, and cool. Don't place it near a radiator, next to a hot lamp, or in direct sunlight. · Don't shove any part of the computer up against a wall, or stack books or other things on top, under, or around any part of the computer. The computer has fans and vents to keep it cool. If you block the vents, you'll end up with an expensive piece of toast. · Keep the computer away from magnetic fields created by fans, radios, large speakers, air con- ditioners, microwave ovens, and other appliances. · Don't turn on anything until everything is connected. To determine where to plug things in, look for words or pictures on the back (and front) of the system unit, as shown in Figure 2.1. Most receptacles are marked and some newer systems even have color-coded cables. If you don't see any pictures next to the receptacles, try to match the plugs with their outlets. Look at the overall shape of the outlet, and look to see if it has pins or holes. Count the